— Sustainable Design —-

I have had many requests for a sustainable design discussion so I start my first blog post with this theme.

Sustainable design is a cross between new inventions in the design realm relating to hot topics such as LEED but with a twist of continuous improvement and six sigma.  Designs are always being improved with new technologies (CI or Six Sigma concepts) and LEED brings many Environmental aspects to the forefront for thought starters.

These philosophies blend a unique amount of “what’s new” in engineering and environmental friendly design that will stand the life cycle of a construction project while offering a maintenance neutral cost benefit to the life of the facility.

Designs need to work with the social, economical and ecological viability of the structure being considered.  If the project can utilize environmentally feasible products to construct and offer a long-term benefit to life-long occupants to enjoy — it’s a win-win for all.

From a feasibility cost perspective, a potential higher initial cost for a sustainable design my pay off over the 30-year life cycle of a facility in the first 5-10 years.

Whole Building Design, Green principles, LEED and a host of other philosophies can take our designs to a new reality if the masses are willing, so more economical solutions can be fostered and delivered cheaply.  (a work in progress from the Environmental movement)

Please send emails to discuss your sustainable projects that require feasibility analysis.


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