CPCII provides construction auditing services for owners to investigate cost overcharging based on construction terms and conditions.


We traditionally can save client’s approximately Change Order dollars if upfront contract is discussed prior to construction start by discussing T&C’s of the contract that can save millions on large projects.


Discussion of terms and contract language that can be added to contracts to perpetually save 5% to 15% of construction dollars for the change orders processed.


During construction audits of the processed changes in the work can be reviewed and findings of over-charging and non-contractual charges are usually found and recouped for owner benefit.


Auditing Services provided:

  • Bidding analysis
  • Low Bid evaluations
  • OCIP / CCIP Program compliance
  • Labor Productivity analysis
  • Construction Equipment validation
  • Contract compliance
  • Mark-up of prime contractor
  • Subcontractor scope compliance
  • Mark-up of subcontractors
  • Sales taxes
  • Permitting
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Contingency compliance
  • Contingency monitoring
  • Others