About Us

CPCII is a Professional Cost estimating/feasibility study generation organization. We utilize specialty estimators to provide client services relating cost estimating, feasibility studies, budgeting, controlling and managing cost changes to achieve client financial goals relating to delivering construction appropriations estimates, budgets, schedules, value analysis, and many other services listed in “What we do”.


CPCII organized in 2002, as a corporation, as a WBE. The company was initially started to supply the Architect / Engineering industry and Owners with “non-biased” professional cost estimating services and has evolved into a full-service consultant with many construction cost related services.


25+ years of service to construction industry


CPCII stands for:

Certified … Use certified individuals on all projects in their respective specialty service

Professional….. Only utilize professional quality individuals to perform work products.

Construction….. Emphasis on supporting the Construction industry at large.

Integration…… Strive for integration of our team into any clients organization to seamlessly deliver quality work products

Incorporated……. Incorporated company follows corporate guidelines to constantly improve their work products and services.